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Kit Specifications...
Span: 45"
Wing Area: 350 Sq. In.
Weight: 38 oz.
Flight Time: 
6-7 min. Aerobatics, 12+ min. Sport Flying

Motor: Phasor 15/4 Direct Drive
Prop: 9"x6"
Battery Pack: 7 cell, SR 1300 Max or 1500 Max
Radio: 4 channel


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Unfortunately, the AcroPro kit is currently out of stock. If you would like to be put on a waiting list so that you'll be notified when we plan the next limited production run of the kit, please send us an email at  .

Probably the best way to describe the AcroPro is that it's a fully aerobatic Cutie on steroids! We've added a fully symmetrical wing, ailerons, a second hatch and cowl, beefed up landing gear mounts, gear fairings, battery tray and motor mounts. We've also dramatically increased the horsepower by utilizing the optional Jeti Phasor 15/4 brushless motor on seven cells.

The AcroPro is an aerobatic hotrod. Loops, rolls, stall turns, inverted flight, snap rolls, Cuban eights and all the rest of the usual maneuvers are no problem. It will even do horizontal and vertical eights!

Although the AcroPro can be significantly faster than the Cutie, it doesn't have to be. It will do all of the above maneuvers at a fairly sedate speed if you want it to. We didn't want the AcroPro to be a pylon racer because pylon racers eat up a lot of sky and require large flying sites. The AcroPro can easily be flown in a ball field just as the Cutie can.

Before we mislead you, the AcroPro wasn't designed to be an unlimited 3D aircraft with unlimited vertical performance. However, it will do just about anything else you'd want.

"Yesterday AcroPro flew and the field was crowded with club members. The club president hand launched for me and what a flight! A quick climb to altitude and a trimming pass over the field required zero adjustments with hands off flight. The CG turned out perfect and for five minutes AcroPro looped, flew inverted with no down elevator required, did several single and multiple axial rolls, a few low passes down the runway and a fairly decent cuban eight. With elevator at 1/2 inch up and down I couldn't get the AcroPro to stall. It just mushed along. The final approach and landing were simply perfect. A very stable and easy to fly model. You have exceeded your best efforts to date with this new flyer." Dick Kumin

If you'd like to take a look at part of the AcroPro's instruction manual and plans in PDF format, click on these links...

AcroPro Instruction Manual

AcroPro's Plans.

The AcroPro kit includes:
All laser cut balsa and plywood parts, custom Dave Brown wheels, Dubro tail wheel and tail wheel bracket, control horns, clevises, threaded couplers, and wheel collars, Sig wheel retainers,  fiberglass tape, SR composite spars, gapless hinge tape, "Z" bend pushrods, computer cut graphics, gear straps, numerous building jigs and fixtures,  socket head screws, etc., etc., etc.. 

In addition to the AcroPro kit itself, what will you need to get flying?

  • Power System
  • Charger
  • Radio System
  • Covering Material
  • Basic Building Tools

Aileron Extension Sets

To complete your AcroPro, you'll need one of the following sets, depending upon whether you are going to use one channel or two channels to control the ailerons.

One Channel "Y" Harness Set, $15.95
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The "Y" Harness set is for use with one channel controlling the ailerons.  It includes two 12" aileron extensions and one 12" "Y" harness.  Please specify connector type for the extensions.

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Two Channel Dual Extension Set, $17.95
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The Dual Harness set is for use with two channels controlling the ailerons.  It includes two 12" aileron extensions and two additional 6" aileron extensions.  Please specify connector type for the extensions.

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Building Tools and Materials...

Ultracote Covering Material, $15.95 per roll
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You can't go wrong with Ultracote. It's easy to work with and looks great. It will only take one roll to cover your AcroPro. We stock all of the popular colors. Black & White 1" checkerboard Ultracote is $25.95 a roll.



5/64� Ball Driver, $6.953x3.gif (810 bytes)

A 5/64� Allen Wrench will work fine with the socket head screws, but a Ball Driver makes it soooo much easier!


2-56 Tap, $6.953x3.gif (810 bytes)

A must have tool for threading the nylon clevises and control horn backing plates.


Aviation Grade Cable Ties, $3.95 per dozen
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8� long Aviation Grade cable ties with stainless steel locking clips.


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