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Customer Gallery...

Welcome to our Customer Gallery!  We'd like to share with you photos and comments from some of our customers.

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Above are photos of Don Johanson of Mountain Ranch, California's SR Eindecker E1.



"Just a shot of my G-26 powered Eindecker built from your kit. Stits Lit covering, rib stitched using Scale Rib Stitch material, tapes are 3M Micropore bandage. Finish and marking are Behr Acrylic Latex paint with waterbased polyurethane satin sealer coat. 18 lbs Flies Great."

Jeff Shutic
Wakeman, Ohio



"Here are photos of my two favorite (all I have so far) SR Batteries RC aircraft."

Edward C. DuCote



I enjoyed building this kit. (Yes I am one of the few left that likes to build kits.  I have yet to buy an ARF) It flies great using a SR 10 cell Max 500 pack and E-flight Park 400 out-runner. This plane has fast tracked me into a whole new enjoyable aspect of RC flying. Hoping to build other SR kits in the future.

Brian Haight
Marysville, WA



"I have a Cutie that I have been flying for a few years now, and I recall when building it the encouragement to add the rear gear mounts because "you never know when you might want to add floats" ... good advice! Here are two great shots of the Cutie on a set of Herr Mini Floats that I just added to the Cutie�A great building, flying, and FLOATing plane! Thanks for a great airplane!"

Dave McQueeney



�Check out my Acro Pro on floats. A lot of r/c float plane experiments don't work too good. However, this one is awesome! It skitters across the water like a happy little duck and does loops, rolls and flat spins to boot!�

Bob Wetterholt
Brighton, MI



�I just wanted to share a few pictures of my SR Batteries Kit. I attended the Rhinebeck Jamboree in 2005 with me Siemens Schuckert D.III and won Best WWI. Thank you for sponsoring the event and putting you SR Eindecker E1 up as a prize. I have just completed it and would like to share a few pictures from its first day at the field. I have attached a few pictures for you, just as my Siemens I try not to have the same airplane that everyone else has at the field. I have done the color scheme in a Turkish pattern.� - Mark Petersen, Hudson, MA



"She (my Eindecker) flies GREAT!" - Kim Windsor



Thought I would share a couple of pics of my just completed AcroPro. It was a B-Day present from my wife about fours ago. I finally got around to building it. Thanks for a very well engineered kit, fun to build.  Mine is covered in silk which I dyed myself and then trimmed in tissue. Kind of ol' timey. Thanks again for a nice kit."

Steve Elsner



"Just finished my Eindecker and thought you might like to see it. I deviated from the antique covering and opted for something different. Thank you for a great kit. 44 years of kit building and this was one of the most rewarding one I've ever done. SRtex covering and G26 with a 2200 mah SR receiver pack and Futaba radio. Many thanks again." - Bud Faulkner



Hi Larry! Thanks for the help over the phone. Here's a shot of the P-38 (that uses SR Batteries)."

Glenn Reilly



Here are some "Before" shots of my AcroPro- in a rather racy color scheme. This has been the most enjoyable build I've had so far!"

Marius Jordaan
Secunda, South Africa



"Here are some pics of my SR Cutie finished and in construction. A few shots of my little shop, also." - Fred Tieman



"The red and tan Tri-Pacer uses the SR 1500 mah 6 volt pack for helping to balance and just take the worry out of a long day of flying. You all sure have helped me with many questions answered. Thanks!"

Don Hofeldt
Huntington Beach, CA



"Here's (my daughter) Kyla Hunter showing off Dad's latest toy- An UltraRC Quest G2 with SR Batteries 2200 mah 6v pack powering all digital Hitec high-torque servos with a Voltmagic monitor on-board, OS120AX, and Futaba 9C. I've come to trust SR for all my Tx, electric and glow-airborne packs."

Seth Hunter
Princeton Junction, NJ




The kit is just so well designed and planned, that anyone should be able to build it. It even balanced without extra weight except for the prop nut. I need to get my thumbs in practice prior to first flight. Larry, thank you for being so helpful, and for doing such a great job designing the kit. I have enough confidence to try a scratch build scale project. I love the Golden age racers, and want to build a Weddell Williams racer from William Hostetler plans. However, if your next kit is anything near it, I would definitely buy your stuff anytime."

Gene Manno



"My Cutie on floats!"

Mark Barden
Clarence, NY



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"Thought you might like seeing my Eindecker in its completed state after its first flight. As you can see we did a Solartex covering with some added features to make it look authentic and in battle.The first flight went great and this baby will get many more flights this coming year." - Ernie Masche

"Here is a photo of the last electric conversion I used your flight pack in, no the last two I used your flight packs in. They are both Top Flight 63". They work well as electric conversions." - Don Hofeldt



The pictures above are of Michael Ridlon's SR Eindecker. It looks great, Michael!



"(Here is my)
Nieuport 11 powered by 24 SR 2400 Ni-Cd cells. (My) experiences with SR Kits and Battery Packs: Fantastic!"

Chet Tuthill
Augusta, Georgia



Above are Carissa and Evan Hunter with their SR Bantam kits. Carissa built the SR Bantam and Evan built the SR Bantam Bipe. Their Dad, Seth Hunter, had this to say: "The Bantam kits from SR were Cari's and Evan's first airplane kits. They went together very well with a little of my help. The instructions and quality of the materials were both excellent and both kids are learning to fly in local school yards and at the Mercer County R/C Society Field in central NJ. Cari is nearly done building the X-250 and has a Cutie on the shelf for the Winter. I use SR batteries in all my transmitters and airborne packs. I've found the performance of the batteries and support from SR outstanding!"

We think that Cari and Evan did fantastic jobs building their SR Bantam Kits! Great job, guys! Keep it up!


"This (SR Cutie) is my first kit. I started about two weeks ago and just finished. Maiden flight went great. Thanks for an awesome kit!"

Eric Marsh


The pictures above are of Ed Hirschfeld with his Curtiss Pusher. Ed used the same power system that we designed for the SR Eindecker E1, as well as an SR 2000 Max, 24 cell battery pack, in this plane. We think it looks great, Ed!



"My friend Bill Sheppard (who loves to build) built the Cutie for me! This is a picture of Bill and me with the finished product (that's me on the right). What a great airplane! Last weekend I took a friend out to the flying field to help him get started in R/C. He had bought a GWS SlowStick. I brought along the Cutie, and I have to tell you it was a much better trainer than the SlowStick."

Neil Morse
San Francisco, CA



"(First flight) Flew great!"

Porter Harvey


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I think it is the only Acropro in Australia. This one creates real interest whenever I fly it. My workmates are amazed at the speed and agility of the Acropro. I have some large scale models and two turbines. I would not think of using anything else but SR batteries in my models. Thanks for producing such a great model." 

Tom Watson 
Sydney, Australia


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Enjoyed building the X-250 - it almost fell together!"

Phil Kunz


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Great kits with absolutely the best instructions you can find.  The best packs and service to go along with it!!!"

Mark Barden
Clarence Center, NY


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"Here is my ACE Seamaster that my instructor helped me assemble and train on before I was soloed!" "When it comes to batteries, the only battery packs he flies with are SR Batteries." "He told me they are the best out there." "Thanks for making the highest quality packs in the world."

Rick Graff


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By careful loading, Tom Pfarr found that he could transport his SR Eindecker E1
in a Honda Insight hatchback! Way to go Tom!!!

Above are some pictures of Tom's first flight with his SR Eindecker E1! Yes, that really is the moon!


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"We have been using SR batteries in our gliders since around 1983-1984.  We choose the SR battery packs for their reliability and long life and have used both TX and RX packs over the years. A couple of years ago, I bought a Cutie and then the Acropro.  Both models are excellent in quality, fun to build and fly great." - Jim and Sandie Pugh, Federal Way, WA


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"My SR Batteries Eindecker is powered by an AXI 4130-20 on 24 3300 Mah NIMH Sub- C cells.""It flies great - 8 to 10 minutes.""It looks great in the air and on the ground!" - Tom Chant, Mohave Valley, AZ.  Pictured with Tom's Eindecker is Tom's flying buddy, Dalton Eberhardt from Bullhead City, AZ. Dalton is 10 years old and is training on a Great Planes PT-40. He plans to solo soon.  Way to go Dalton!!!


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"Here is a picture of my completed Cutie as well as a picture of my custom motor mount for the Typhoon 15. I am very proud of of the way it looks and the way it flies."

Troy Bryan


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The pictures above are all of Tim O'Mahony's SR Eindecker E1. We think that it looks awesome! Here's what Tim had to say about his SR Eindecker E1:

"Well, I finally worked all the kinks out and got my first full flight in today. The Eindecker performed flawlessly! After 5-6 minutes at altitude getting a feel for her, I spent the next 5 minutes or so shooting touch and goes and low fly-bys. It was awesome.""As far as ease of flying, I would say that it would make the best trainer I have ever flown. Slow, stable, what more could you ask for? The only rough landings and touch and goes I had were from me trying to horse it around. If you just let it go, it will grease the landing every time."



Here is a photo of my Reaction 54 Turbine model.""I have the only one in Australia. As you can see I use SR batteries exclusively. I use a 5 Cell Pack for the RX and a 4 Cell pack for the turbine pump. With all this money tied up in a model airplane, I don't want any battery problems."

Tom Watson 
Sydney, Australia



"Test flew last weekend in a hell of a wind with no problems. Looking forward to a nice still day tomorrow and burning some more gas. Would recommend the [Eindecker] kit to any one. Great performance." - Craig Abbott, New Zealand


"Today we made the 1st flight. We enjoy everything about the Eindecker. It looks very WWI Scale. Everybody at the field, (especially the old guys) were enthusiastic watching the plane fly.""I'm looking forward to building another SR Batteries plane. Ciao!" - Enrico, Italy


"I have been in this hobby for many years and have built many kits. I am thoroughly pleased with the kit, accessories, and support you guys have given me during the project. This is one of the best manufactured, and thought-out kits I have ever built, and it was a joy. The laser cut pieces were perfect and the instructions could have been followed by a 8th grader. Superb! I
cannot wait until you guys develop another one. I will buy it."

Tim Haskins



This (SR Bantam Bipe) was truly a remarkable kit for a first time builder and it is a fantastic flyer. The quality of the laser cut wood, the supplied hardware, and the outstanding construction manual are really first rate. Thanks again for developing such an excellent kit and providing great help for someone new to balsa. Looking forward to building another SR kit!"

J. D.
West Chester, PA



Here is Jerry Smith, R/C Modeler Magazine's Technical Editor, with his SR Eindecker E1!  It looks great, Jerry!


"I only trust SR Batteries for my L39. With the money that is invested in jets now a days, you can't fool around with low quality batteries. An SR battery pack is the heart of my model, not only in quality, but the support that I get from SR is the best."

Rene Alvarez


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