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frame1.jpg (2038 bytes) SR Ultra Flexible Wire

We weren't happy with any of the wire being sold for electric flight applications so we decided to design our own and have it made exclusively for SR. It has the finest wire and highest strand count of any wire available to the electric flier. Rather than using a silicone insulation which is much stiffer and will split if it has even the slightest nick, we decided to use a thin plastic insulation which is much more flexible than any other type yet still retains all of the characteristics we wanted.

To make sure our wire would be noticed, we decided to have it made in yellow and black rather than the more usual red and black colors in the larger wire gauges. This way, you can't miss that our wire is being used rather than some other brand. Remember that the lower the number, the larger the diameter of the wire. 

Wire is cut in pre-packaged lengths, as noted below.

12g Wire, 2' each of yellow and black, $5.003x3.gif (810 bytes)
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14g Wire, 3' each of yellow and black, $5.003x3.gif (810 bytes)3x3.gif (810 bytes)



Sermos Connectors

The Sermos Connector is really the only connector to use for electric flight. We usually tell people that it's not a matter of will you switch to Sermos Connectors, it's only a matter of when. Each wire has its own contact and plastic housing and the housings snap together forming a single connector with as many contacts as you like. The contacts can be crimped or soldered to the wire and we include assembly instructions with the connectors. A "pair" of Sermos connectors consists of 2 red housings and 2 black housings. However we also stock the plastic housings in white, yellow, green and blue which are sold individually with a contact.

The Sermos Tool is helpful in inserting and taking apart Sermos Connectors, but it is grossly over priced. We suggest you try it on your own using a small screw driver to assemble the connectors. If you're going to be working with Sermos Connectors a lot, the tool can be worth it in the time it saves in removing contacts from their housings.

Sermos Connector Pair, $5.003x3.gif (810 bytes)

Individual Plastic Housings, $3.003x3.gif (810 bytes)

Color: 3x3.gif (810 bytes)


Dean's Ultra Connector Pair, $5.003x3.gif (810 bytes)

The Dean's Ultra Connector is a slightly smaller alternative to the Sermos connectors. The wires must be soldered in place and they come in a male/female pair. We have found that they standup nicely in high current draw applications.



Dean's Mini Connectors

Although the Dean's Mini Connectors come in many numbers of contacts, we only stock them in the 3 pin and 4 pin versions. The 3 pin connector is perfect for indoor or Park Flier applications. The wires must be soldered in place and they come in a male/female pair. Ask us about wiring up some connectors for you if your soldering skills aren't as good as they could be.

Dean's 3 Pin Connectors, $3.003x3.gif (810 bytes)

Dean's 4 Pin Connectors, $4.003x3.gif (810 bytes)


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