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R/C Aviation Section

We're going to make you an offer you can't refuse!

FYI, For Your Information, is a FREE electronic technical newsletter published by SR Batteries. FYI includes information and advice on how to get the most out of every aspect of R/C from electric flight to giant scale and everything in between. In many ways, it's an electronic extension of our Techniques Series of publications.

Each edition of FYI includes technical information, information about new kits and products from SR, and information about changes and additions to our web site. And, the best part is that FYI is absolutely FREE! When you consider that any information which appears in a magazine is at least two to three months old, FYI is THE way to stay informed!

To sign up for FYI, just click below to send us a message that includes the word SUBSCRIBE as the "subject" of the message, not in the body of the message!

If you click below, you'll find that we've already entered "subscribe" in the subject field for you. It's that simple! This is a "blind," unattended, mailbox so please don't include a message as we won't receive it.

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FYI newsletters are sent out monthly around the 1st of the month.  If you have signed up for FYI but are not receiving it, check your "bulk/spam" folder to make sure that FYI has not been improperly filed. FYI newsletters are sent from the following email address:

AOL and HOTMAIL Users: We have found the AOL network is denying the FYI Emails and classifying them as "Unsolicited" even when you have subscribed to our list. Unfortunately we have no control over their network and cannot override this problem. Please contact AOL technical support at 888-212-5537 in order to resolve this issue. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

We suggest to all AOL and Hotmail users that they put the domain in their "Address Book" for AOL and in their "Safe List" for Hotmail. This will ensure that emails are always seen directly in the inbox, even if they use the most restrictive folder for AOL (People I know) or filter for Hotmail (Exclusive). With these recent spam guard changes only the recipients' action can guarantee proper delivery.

If your email address ever changes, just re-subscribe to FYI using your new email address. Your old address will automatically be deleted once it is no longer active.

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