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R/C Aviation Section

Customer Support...

Here you'll find How To's, Technical Information and Support, Multimedia Presentations and recent Photos. It's also the place to sign up for our free monthly electronic newsletter, FYI. There's a lot to see, so here is some information to help guide you through everything.

FYI, For Your Information, is our FREE electronic technical newsletter. FYI includes information and advice on how to get the most out of every aspect of R/C from electric flight to giant scale and everything in between. In many ways, it's an electronic extension of our Techniques Series of publications. Click on the FYI graphic to sign up for FYI.

Technical Support is the place to visit if you have a question about any SR product. Click on the graphic to visit Technical Support.


Modeling Techniques
provides multimedia presentations on "How To's" about both basic and advanced modeling topics. Click on the graphic to view the presentations.


Free Wallpaper For Your Computer!
Download this incredible FREE photo of the SR Eindecker E1 to use for your computer wallpaper. Click on the graphic for instructions on how to download.


The Customer Gallery
features photos and comments from some of our customers. Click on the camera to go to the Customer Gallery.


The Digital Gallery
features photos and audio from some fly-ins that we recently attended. Events featured in the Digital Gallery include Warbirds over Long Island and Warbirds over Delaware. Click on the graphic to go to the Digital Gallery.


The Game Room...  You'll find everything from Asteroid to Card Tricks!