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Giant Scale
Fuel System Components...

In this section of our site, you'll find fuel tanks, fuel line, fuel pumps, and anything else we can think of which will help with the "plumbing" in your Big Bird.

DuBro Tanks

DuBro has been the leader in fuel tanks for many years. Although the 16 oz., 20 oz., and 24 oz. tanks are designed for glow fuel, they can be easily converted over to gas use by using the "Gas Conversion Stoppers" listed below.

DuBro Fuel Tanks

Capacity Price  
16 oz.
20 oz.
24 oz.
32 oz.


Gas Conversion Stopper, $2.50
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For converting the 16 oz., 20 oz., and 24 oz. tanks for use with gas instead of glow fuel.

Fuel Line Plug, $1.503x3.gif (810 bytes)

For temporarily plugging a fuel line so that it won't leak. Each package contains two 1/8" plugs and two 1/16" plugs.


R/C City Giant Scale Fuel Dots, $6.95
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Fuel Dots are used to finish off your fuel line as it exits the side of your aircraft. Pulling out the plug gives you access to the fuel line for fueling your aircraft and the ferrule mounted in the side of your aircraft gives a nice finished appearance when the fuel line and Fuel Dot are pressed in, flush with the side of your aircraft.


DuBro Large Fuel Line, $1.50 per foot
Number of Feet:    

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