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We've used every new heat shrink covering material since the first one was introduced. Hangar 9's UltraCote is clearly the best of them all. It's the easiest to work with and gives you the finest end result. We particularly like that it doesn't have that too shiny "plastic" look. In fact, Ultracote simply looks like a good paint job. We're sure you'll like it as much as we do.

Standard UltraCote isn't particularly heavy, but if you want the lightest possible weight and want a transparent covering material, see the Lite version of UltraCote, below.

UltraCote is sold by the roll (approximately 24" wide by 6' long). Solid colors are $15.95 per roll.  Black and White Checkerboard is $25.95 per roll.

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frame1.jpg (5279 bytes) UltraCote Lite

UltraCote Lite is a special light weight version of UltraCote. It's easy to work with and gives you a superior end result. The Lite version of UltraCote is only available in transparent colors and is perfect for any application where you need the lightest possible weight.

UltraCote Lite is sold by the roll (approximately 24" wide by 6' long). Price per roll is $15.95.



3mm Aluminum Tape, 10" Width, $3.95 per foot

This is the same aluminum tape that we use on our SR Eindecker E1 Kit.  It is $3.95 per foot, and you can buy as many feet as you would like.

Click here to see a video about how to create the engine turned finish on the aluminum tape part of the SR Eindecker E1.

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