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Pack Shapes...

Trying to describe over the phone or in an Email message the shape of the pack you'd like us to make for you can be a problem. Your task is to "paint a picture" in our minds as to exactly what you want. We use phrases such as a "flat" pack in which the cells are arranged like the fingers on your hand and a "stick" of cells in which the cells are arranged end to end as if they were in a flashlight.

Below, you'll find drawings and descriptions of some of the more common pack shapes. Remember that the shape is what's important and not the number of cells. A flat pack can be made up with any number of cells you'd like and isn't limited to the number of cells we show in our examples. If you don't see what you want or have trouble trying to figure out how to describe the pack you want, just give us a call or drop us a note and we'll be glad to help.

1st2.gif (1515 bytes) 2 Cell Stick
4f.gif (2098 bytes) 4 Cell Flat
4s.gif (2071 bytes) 4 Cell Square
4te.gif (1998 bytes) 4 Cell "TE"
3st+1.gif (1979 bytes) 4 Cell, 3 Cell Stick +1
2st2.gif (1853 bytes) 4 Cell, 2 Sticks of 2
5f.gif (2399 bytes) 5 Cell Flat
5rec.gif (2203 bytes) 5 Cell Rectangular
6st.gif (2149 bytes) 6 Cell, 2 Sticks of 3
6rec.gif (2486 bytes) 6 Cell "3x2" or Rectangular
7e.gif (2413 bytes) 7 Cell, "7E"
7rec.gif (2599 bytes) 7 Cell Rectangular
8ts-1.gif (2471 bytes) 7 Cell "TS"
8ts.gif (2465 bytes) 8 Cell "TS"
8f.gif (2762 bytes) 8 Cell Flat
6st2rec.gif (2985 bytes) 12 Cell, 6 Sticks of 2, "3x2" or Rectangular

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