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Privacy Statement...

Our policy towards your privacy is very simple. We treat your privacy just as we would want ours treated. It's that simple.

Our site does collect some general information about the people who visit so that we can better design our site to suit our visitor's needs. For instance, we know what operating system and browser you're using, but we have no idea of who you are. We need the operating system and browser information in order to design our pages so that they will display properly for the majority of our visitors.

We do not use "cookies" or any other method to invade your privacy. If you do place an order with us, we retain only the information pertinent to that particular transaction so that we can look it up if you should ask us a question about a previous order at a later date.

Although we have been asked over and over again to sell a list of our customers and their addresses, we never have, and we never will. As we said, our policy is very simple.

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