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Radio Systems...

In addition to our standard radio system configuration, we're also happy to try to put together custom packages whenever possible. Just let us know what you'd like and we'll come up with a price for you.

Hitec Flash 5X FM Radio System, $219.953x3.gif (810 bytes)

The Hitec Flash System comes in both a 4 and 5 channel version. We don't stock the 4 channel system because it doesn't have a dual rate feature for the aileron and elevator functions. We think that's a mistake.

The system we've put together consists of the Flash 5X transmitter, the model 555 mini receiver, and two of the MPI MX-50HP mini servos. The transmitter includes a nicad pack and charger. However, a receiver battery pack isn't included. Our objective was to put together a system that would include everything an electric flier would want and nothing more. If you're using a BEC speed control, you don't need a receiver battery pack so we don't include one. If you do need a receiver pack, we'll be glad to make one up for you and the charger included in the system is all set for it. In addition to the above, a switch harness and aileron extension is included with the system.

The Flash 5X transmitter is a computerized transmitter with 5 model memory, dual rates, expo, multiple mixing functions, "V" tail and elevon mixing, and a whole lot more.


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